How Educational Psychology Helps Teachers?


Throughout this article, you will learn more about Educational Psychology, especially about how Educational Psychology helps teachers. Educational psychology can be said to be applied to psychology, as I explained in my previous article. Benefits of Educational Psychology to a Teacher: There are lots of benefits to educational psychology which I am going to explain … Read more

Educational Psychology | Its Purposes and Functions

Purpose and Function of Educational Psychology

To understand the purpose and function of Educational psychology, you must first understand what Education really is. And what is Psychology? Psychology studies human mental properties, whereas Education is an instructional method of learning. You will be able to understand the purposes and functions of educational psychology after reading this article: What is Educational Psychology? … Read more

20+ Different Branches of Psychology and their Definitions


There are many subfields of psychology, each with its own distinct characteristics. This article aims to discuss all the important different fields of psychology and their definitions. Considering that all fields of psychology cannot be merged into one, psychology is classified into many branches. In this article, we will discuss all of them. Use and … Read more

Difference Between Parenting and Parenthood

Difference Between Parenting and Parenthood

According to George Santayana; “The Family is one of Nature’s Masterpieces”. Being a parent is one of the hardest as well as the most joyful experience at the same time. The parents of this generation need to understand the difference between parenting and parenthood in a more clear manner. Therefore, in this article, I am going … Read more