Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education

The rapid advancements and popularity of technology have influenced our lives and our surroundings in a great way. The same is the case with education, technology has shown a massive development in the field of education.

In this article, I will mainly highlight the Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education.

Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education:

Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education
Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education

Before proceeding towards my main topic of discussion i-e “positive and negative effects of technology on education”, I would like to inspire my readers by mentioning the most beautiful saying of Jenny Arledge;

Technology can become the wings that will allow the educational world to fly further and faster than ever before–if we will allow it

As technology is showing massive development in the field of education, the way of delivering knowledge and the capability of learning new things has also changed.

Same as any other thing, technology has both Good and Bad Impacts on Education. Let’s have a comprehensive look at each of its impacts.

Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education (In Points)

  • Technology provides ease of access to Information
  • Technology makes learning easier
  • Technology enhances Creativity
  • Use of Technology in classrooms to enhance teaching and learning
  • Technology kills Social Skills
  • Technology and Students distraction
  • Technology in education is hindering student’s interpersonal skills
  • Technology affects health
  • Technology makes the student to waste their time

Detailed Explanation of Positive Impacts of Technology on Education:

We can determine the future of education by looking at the rapid advancements of technology in education. The rapidly growing technology in the field of education is very favorable for both students and teachers.

Education is the foundation upon which we build our future

Let’s have a thorough look at the Positive Role of Technology on Education:

Technology Made Information Access Very Easy:

Technology provides ease of access to Information

One of the most recognizable benefits of technology in the field of education is that it made easy access to information for everyone. Not only ease in access to information but ease in access to Updated Information.

Updated Information can efficiently benefit both students and teachers. Teachers can search for the latest and updated information on the internet which will benefit both students and teachers in a great way.

The problem with our existing education system is that our teachers are not updated with the latest and current information and thus deliver outdated information to their students.

But thanks to the development in the field of technology which made it all easy for both the students and teachers.

My visitors requested me to discuss the positive and negative impacts of information technology on the education domain as well in previous posts, so their answer is below paragraphs.

They can simply search for the topic in the Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc and the Search Engines will display the most relevant and top results regarding the topic that is being searched.

When students and teachers learn updated information they can perform exceptionally well in their respective fields which is not only the success of our country’s future but our education system as well.

Learning is Easy with Technology:

Technology makes learning easier

When it comes to learning through tech, it seems fun. Before the advancements of technology through education, it was not an easy task to try or learn new things but thanks to technology made it all easy.

Technology helps students to explore and learn new things which will help them to excel in the field of their choice.

Without the use of technology, it would not be possible for students to learn new things on their own because students always seem dependent on their teachers for the learning process.

  • Learning through the internet can also be called distance learning. Technology made the learning process much easier mainly due to the following reasons:
  • Technology made distance learning easier because of readily available knowledge on the internet.
  • Technology made distance learning easier because retrieval of information was made extremely simple and easy through the internet.

Creativity Buildup:

Technology enhances Creativity

The rapidly growing technology is changing the mentality and mindsets of both students and teachers.

Thus the use of advanced and rapidly growing technologies is making them exceptionally creative.

Accessibility of technology made it easier to experience as many things which can in return make both of them even more productive and creative.

There are some necessary factors because technology plays a great role in the enhancement of creativity. The effects of technology are given below:

  1. Digital media gave much freedom to students to express themselves in the way they want and to explore the world as they want.
  2. An ease in the accessibility of information through technology is one of the major factors that increase creativity because whatever they think or observe, they can simply search it on the internet and can get so much relevant information which thus increases their knowledge and make them even more creative in their respective fields.
  3. Students and teachers must try to learn and innovate things and then their concern, curiosity, and eagerness toward their interests will direct them toward the path of creativity.

Teaching and Learning Enhanced by Technology:

Use of Technology in classrooms to enhance Teaching and Learning

One of the biggest contributions of technology in the field of education is that when you use technology in the classroom, it not only enhances your teaching method but also the learning method of students.

  • Using technology in classrooms increases students’ engagement and attention which helps them to stay focused and clear on their concepts.
  • When teachers use technology to teach their students, it improves the rate of retention so they can store information in their minds for a longer period.
  • This is beneficial for the student growth and the teacher as well, as it gives a teacher true satisfaction when their student learns something wholeheartedly.
  • Using technology in classrooms makes learning even more fun because when students interact with visuals, they learn more. It is proved that the human mind understands even quickly and fast when interacting with visuals.

Let’s Discuss the Negative Impacts of Technology on Education:

Technology in the field of education made teaching and learning extremely easy but on the other side, excessive use of technology made our physical, and mental health suffer badly in some cases. Some students ask what is one negative effect technology has had on education. So, let’s proceed toward the Negative Impacts of Technology on Education.

No Social Skills in Students:

Technology kills Social Skills

One of the most negative impacts of technology on our students is that it is slowly and gradually killing their social skills and prefer to stay isolated. They easily get addicted to technology which in turn causes them to use it more and more.

So such type of excessive use kills their social skills and hence they do not interact or communicate well in their real lives which is truly an alarming situation.

Students Distraction:

Technology is a major source of distraction too. Students know very well that technology is a great and open source of learning for them but as they get familiar with the use of technology, the majority of them use it negatively.

Instead of learning things, they try to access the invalid things that are available on the internet. The ease to access invalid and inappropriate things not only distracts them but also affects their learning capabilities.

Therefore, parents and teachers must be wise enough to impose strict borderline when they hand over the technology to the students. The positive outcomes for students are only possible if they have a strong check over them.

Hindering Student’s Interpersonal Skills:

To develop an education system, the development of our student’s interpersonal skills is of great importance. With the help of interpersonal skills, a student learns how to interact with other things effectively.

With the rapid advancements of technology in the field of education, technology is somewhere hindering the interpersonal skills of our students.

Instead of using their minds, they are becoming dependent more and more. Technology is also damaging their problem-solving ability just because they are relying more on technology.

Health Problems:

Technology affects Health

Excessive use of technology affects the health of students badly. Technology not only affects physical health but also mental health.

Physical effects may include:
2-Lesser blood circulation.
3-Curved backbone.
4-Bad body posture.
6-Poor eyesight.

Mental effects or psychological issues may include:

Time Wastage:

Is using technology for entertainment a bad thing? Students not only access information for learning purposes but also for entertainment purposes. When their access to inappropriate information for entertainment is increased than their access to information for learning, then it is time wastage.

The Internet is really useful if and only if it is used properly but most students waste their time on the internet.

When students do excessive use of irrelevant information, it not only wastes their time but also reduces their learning capabilities.

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Education PDF

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From the above-given explanation, it is clear that technology is growing rapidly and continuously playing role in making our lives much easier than it was ever before.

Technology has completely changed the concepts of teaching and learning now it depends on its usage whether we use it positively or negatively.

I hope I got successful in transferring my views regarding the most concerned topic i-e “Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology on Education “.

I will be sharing the latest information about technology in the field of education and many more in my upcoming articles. In case of any queries, you can start the discussion by using the comment section. I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Keep up reading and learning with Nidda Rohaila.

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